Sorry SME’s, Psychometric testing is not for you

A quick google search of psychometric tests brings up a number of reasons why they are brilliant for employers, with endless case studies of those using them. And it’s absolutely true, they are used with great success in recruitment. 

Psychometric tests are used to make psychological characteristics measureable, they turn elements of a person that can often seem intangible, into measurable, comparable quantities. They are commonly used in recruitment to measure a candidate’s suitability for a particular role. 

For example, a business might be looking for a sales executive, and to be successful they see this person being outgoing, works great in a group of people and is empathetic to their customers. Psychometric testing can measure these essential traits before any job offer is made and training begins. 

75% of The Times’ Top 100 Companies were using psychometric testing in their recruitment process

Large corporations and businesses hiring sales executives, software engineers, managing directors and finance professionals have benefited from the benefits of adopting psychometrics in recruitment. Corporate recruiters have seen a reduction in risk of making a bad hire, reduction in time spent on interviewing unsuitable candidates, reduction in staff turnover and increased employee satisfaction. So, why aren’t we all using them!?

Well simply put, the price.

Hereby lies the problem the SME market has faced with psychometric testing for so long. Packages cost thousands per year (if we are lucky), per role, allowing access to only one user. A small price to pay for a corporate, but crippling for an SME. 

YUNO is changing the stereotype that only large employers can benefit from this robust science. YUNO is combining the science behind psychometrics with machine learning, data science and innovative technology to bring thorough (but fun) psychometrics to the SME market.

 It’s about time we levelled out that playing field.


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